Monday, March 1, 2021

'Keep an eye' on New York coronavirus variant, Fauci warns | Fox News

I'm wondering if new variants are going to be a serious concern?

Fwd: Coronavirus mRNA Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

I think that this is a good video.  As I suspected, the Messenger RNA clears from the system quickly.  My only side effect was that for a day and a half my arm at the injection site was sorer than I thought it should be.  However, this is an indication of something is happening.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Nearly 3 million Americans haven't gotten their second COVID-19 vaccination on time

They scheduled my second appointment three weeks after the first.  The only reason I would not take it is if I were sick.   I still potentially could catch COVID-19.  However, I saw an article recently that claimed that the reported 50% protection from the first COVID vaccine is inaccurate.  This statistic reportedly is only based on the first 2 weeks.  They found that the third week had 90% protection.  Good to know.

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Don't become one of these people, if you can help it.

Friday, February 19, 2021

What's Up with Those Bird Beak Plague Masks?

I learned from this:

The word "quarantine" comes from the Italian word "quarenta" meaning forty because they would isolate bubonic plague victims for forty days.

I was well aware of the Miasma theory of disease, which was the dominant theory of disease for 1200 years up to 1850 and beyond when the germ theory disease was just starting and didn't become fully accepted until around 1890.

Indiana hopes to lower vaccine age next week

State leaders say they don't have enough vaccine yet to expand to those 60 and older. They hope to make that change next week. Right now, Hoosiers 65 and older are eligible.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

FWD: Pfizer COVID Vaccine Side Effects | My Terrible COVID Vaccine Reaction

Apparently, a percentage of people have had temporary unpleasant side effects to the COVID vaccine.  Several of my family members have taken both shots without problems, so I still want it.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

Monday, February 1, 2021

Growth of COVID-19

I used to follow the COVID numbers almost daily, but this got tiresome especially since the numbers kept going up. I was shocked yesterday to see that Indiana was up to 626,682 cases. This is double the number of cases in November, which is almost 1 out of ten people. Presumably, there are many more mild cases that we don't know about, which could mean that up to half the state has been infected.

In January of last year, I was already sounding the alarm when it was just a few thousand cases in China. I noticed that the trend was rapidly exponential, although some of my friends on Facebook were saying it wasn't really exponential growth because China was just doing a better job of detecting the disease. In February, public officials were saying that this isn't a big threat with many people saying that the flu was going to kill a great many more people.

In early March there weren't that many cases in the U.S., and it looked like the disease was contained, but by March 21 the disease had exploded and was everywhere in the country.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

How The COVID-19 Vaccine Could Lead To A Cure For Cancer | Answers With Joe

The mRNA vaccine is not gene-altering. It provides instructions to cells on how to make the spike protein without altering the DNA of the cells, which is part of the point.  Our cells make messenger RNA continuously, and it gets used up quickly.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Danger from COVID-19 Vaccine?


I am probably just on your mailing list.

Newswars is an Alex Jones site.   I would in no way consider this site to be a reliable source.

As for the merits of the article:

We all have viruses in us, probably all the time as some of these are continuously kept in check by our immune system, and they inject into our cells either DNA or RNA.  The DNA version alters the genetic material of the cell or at least replaces part of it.  The RNA version works by the same mechanism that the vaccine does.  

The RNA vaccine "gives our cells instructions for how to make a harmless protein that is unique to the virus."  (   From what I heard, this material dissipates within about 3 days and this is superior to a weakened virus that could potentially alter the DNA of the cells.

The writer makes a number of speculative statements that are not supported and are very questionable.  Compared to having a full-blown case of COVID-19, which can do enormous damage to your body, the mechanism of the vaccine is going to be far milder.  People who have gotten COVID-19 and recovered often had serious medical problems lasting months.   Although we may not know the long term effects of the vaccine, we also don't know the long term effects of COVID-19.

Given the rate at which COVID spreads, we are all going to get the disease eventually, possibly in the very near future, unless we get vaccinated first.  It is a choice of the vaccine or COVID.


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mRNA Vaccines Might Prove Catastrophic in a Rushed Coronavirus Response

Bombshell primer breaks down the very real risks of this cutting-edge technology

United Begins Flying Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine

Why Horseshoe Crab Blood Is So Valuable

Bobby Fischer | Mental Health & Personality

This is an interesting take ...

COVID 19 Vaccine (finally)

In the video, he says that the vaccine should last several months.

The FDA says Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is safe and effective. But trial participants warn of intense symptoms after second shot

One Pfizer trial participant told CNBC that after the second shot, he woke up with chills, shaking so hard he cracked a tooth. "It hurt to even just lay in my bed sheet," he said. 

Others experienced headaches and fatigue.

The FDA said that while side effects of the Pfizer vaccine are common, there are "no specific safety concerns identified that would preclude issuance of an EUA."

‘Star Wars’ Actor David Prowse Died From Covid-19

Actor David Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the first Star Wars trilogy, died of complications from Covid-19, his daughter has told UK newspapers. 

FDA panel endorses Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use | Fox Business

I thought that FDA approval would come today, but they are saying later this week, although there is not much week left. There seems to be some concern about people with allergic reactions. There is also some talk about people being hesitant to take the vaccine. Some of my friends are saying, "You go first", which would be okay by me. We can't make progress without a vaccine.

From what I can tell by casual observation, maybe 10 to 20% of the population doesn't want to take the vaccine.