Monday, May 26, 2014

Recent articles on diet and health, many of which contradict each other.

  • While the authors suggested that people eat a low protein diet in middle age and switch to a high protein diet once they get older, it is not possible to say from the study whether this is what the older participants actually did, as their diets were only assessed once.
High protein diet not as bad for you as smoking

Red meat raises risk for cancer

The food we were born to eat: John McDougall at TEDxFremont

Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont

"Interestingly enough, blood triglycerides do not go up with eating fat—they go up if you eat a diet high in processed grains, starches, and sugar. Unfortunately for the proponents of high-carbohydrate diets, high blood triglycerides are a major risk factor for heart disease. In addition, low fat/high carb diets lower protective "good" cholesterol and raise insulin.  These diets are implicated in the development of diabetes, which is a potent risk factor for developing heart disease."

Gary Taubles: Why We Get Fat (Suggest watching just the last 10 minutes.)

Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU

BTW, there are lots of people offering to sell you diets online, but these usually are either low carb/high fat or high carb/low fat diets.

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