Saturday, November 19, 2022

Re: COVID Vaccine and disease transmission

Andy Saffle
There is also this beautiful Gem floating out there... And no we're not Anti vaccine... We just actually follow evidence and Science

Andy Saffle As presented, I'm not sure that this is actual science. He expresses an opinion that these deaths are caused by the vaccine, but we would need a study to show that the vaccine causes excess deaths. I think that this kind of study has been done and I would have to look for it. If you look at the study that he quotes, it is showing deaths of 2 per million injections. First, we would have to show that this is actually caused by the vaccine and not just random noise. Meanwhile, the same study claims that the cardiac risk is much higher with the actual disease. In the United States, we have had a hundred million cases with 1.1 million deaths, which is a far greater risk than the vaccine. Roughly one out of every 300 people has died from the disease, including a cousin of mine. Given a choice between 2 out of a million or a 1% death rate that is a pretty obvious choice.

John Coffey Fact checks prove the point to be true EVERY TIME.. 100% of the time.. every Fact check that had been done Since 2015 has been proven to be true at some point.. I can give hundreds of examples of this..
Please keep citing fact checkers..

On some fact-checking sites, I agree that there is an extreme bias.
Confirmation bias is a very strong thing. People almost always believe things that match their preconceived notions.
Anecdotal evidence is not science. We need peer-reviewed studies that show excess deaths associated with the vaccine. I have seen something like this before, and I will try to find it. Even if there were excess deaths, which by all accounts is extremely low, we would have to balance that with the risk from the disease.

Andy Saffle
Oh don't worry, there's more <includes a picture of an article>

Here is the link to the article, which doesn't actually prove anything:

Brandolini's law, also known as the "bullshit asymmetry principle," holds that "the amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than what's needed to produce it." This truism highlights that while the battle against misinformation more generally must be fought "face to face," the larger war against belief in misinformation won't be won without prevention. Once people are set in their ways, beliefs are notoriously hard to change.

John Coffey
The adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines have been well documented, and serious side effects are rare. The most common adverse event is soreness at the injection site, which for me seemed worse than usual.
You have a choice between a vaccine with rare serious adverse effects and a disease that has killed 1.1% of the people who got it. It is your body and your choice, and you may think that you are young and healthy and won't die from the disease, and you probably won't, but I have read about several cases of people in their 20s who have died.
One study found that the average brain shrinkage from a COVID-19 infection was 2%. Another study showed that COVID adversely affects every organ in the body. A large percentage of people have had adverse symptoms for up to a year.
This isn't just the seasonal flu. One of my friends lost his mother recently. I lost my cousin.
If a medicine had a 2 out of a million chance of killing you, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take the medicine. Chemo has worse odds, and so does driving. It depends upon the risk of not taking the medicine.

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